Pest and Dry Rot Inspections in Portland, OR


Wood Destroying Insects, Fungus, & Dry Rot Reports


Portland Property Inspectors pest and dry rot inspections in Portland are included with our standard home inspections. Our pest and dry rot inspections include visual inspections for subterranean termites, damp wood termites, dry wood termites, carpenter ants, wood boring beetles and wood decay fungi. 


In addition, Portland Property Inspectors looks for conditions that are

conducive to wood destroying organisms which include: 

Faulty Grade Levels: This  is caused when the top of the foundation is less than six inches above  the adjacent earth, or whenever the bottom of a sub-area foundation vent  is less than two to six inches above the adjacent earth, or when wood  siding is less than two to six inches above adjacent earth.

Earth-wood Contact: This happens when wood of the house structure is in direct contact with the soil.

Cellulose Debris: Cellulose debris in the crawlspace, attic, or around the exterior foundation.

Insufficient Ventilation: This happens when the lack of ventilation in attics & crawlspaces contributes to the growth of wood-destroying organisms.

Excessive Moisture: Excessive  moisture shall constitute any condition such as wet soil in the crawl  space, improper draining that contributes to standing water and /or  seasonal standing water in the crawl space, plumbing leaks or any other commonly controllable moisture condition that poses a threat to  structural members or prevents inspection of the crawl space.

Even  though many areas of the structure are considered inaccessible for inspection, the inspection report will make full disclosure of the areas  of the structure that were inaccessible for inspection or were not otherwise inspected.