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A certified home inspection will take 2-4 hours to  conduct, depending on the size and condition of the home, and how many  questions our clients have (we love questions). For first time home  buyers, our home inspections provide an excellent education on home  ownership and home maintenance. For the more experienced buyer, we’ll  focus more on major issues and general building science. We take digital  photos throughout the inspection and include them in our home   inspection report, along with several helpful diagrams and  illustrations. All of our home inspections include a pest and dry rot  analysis.  We also offer radon testing in Portland and surrounding  areas.  Following the inspection, our reports are posted online and  available for download in Adobe Acrobat format.

Below  is a sample report (this is an actual report from our home inspector in  Portland, with the address and client information removed, cover pictures changed as well). 

Home Inspections

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Home Inspections - What's Included

Our certified home inspections and pest & dry rot inspections help identify concerns in these key areas:
 - Roofing/Structural Components
 - Electrical/Plumbing System
 - Interior Components/Appliances
 - Exterior Components
 - Heating and Cooling System
 - Insulation and Ventilation

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Radon Monitoring

Portland Property Inspectors radon testing uses an ionization chamber detector, continuous radon monitor, over a 42 or 72 hour period, to ensure quick and accurate results.  Our radon testing results are available within hours after the radon monitor's completion to ensure you'll meet your real estate contract deadlines. 

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Drone / Aerial Imaging

The use of drone technology enables our home inspectors to thoroughly image and document our roof inspections.  With our drone we can access most of the hard to reach areas of the roofing, chimney, and siding/trim.  

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Sewer Scopes

We offer main sewer line inspections through 48 Hour Inspections and Soil Solutions.  By using a third party we can offer unbiased main sewer line inspections, and often can schedule the sewer inspection to coincide with our home inspection.

About Us

Oregon Certified & Licensed Home Inspections

Our inspectors are Oregon State Certified Home Inspectors(OCHI 1865), and Oregon Construction Contractor Board Licensed(CCB 209403).  Portland Property Inspectors uses the latest equipment for your home inspection.  Our home inspection reports are thorough, comprehensive, and detailed.  You can view your home inspection report online, download it in pdf format, or print it for your records.  These reports are easily shared with you, your agent, and whomever else you designate.  Have trust knowing that you'll receive a comprehensive home inspection using Portland Property Inspectors.   

Google, Yelp, & Redfin Reviews

Dean, NE Portland OR

Victor, Lake Oswego OR

Emily, SE Portland OR

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"We  are buying our third home and we had no idea that a home inspection  could be so thorough and useful. The inspector spent 4.5 hours on our  pre-purchase inspection and produced an amazingly complete report with  recommendations, photos, and detailed analysis. He put issues into  perspective so that we were not inclined to put  too much weight on the inconsequential or to be too casual about the  essential. Not only that, he took the time to explain the findings, the  causes, and the possible outcomes of making or choosing not to make  corrections. When confronting a major decision  like home buying, is well worth the very reasonable fee for such  valuable information. It's not often in life that we get such a thorough  analysis of possible outcomes and thus feel confident that we know what  we're getting into. Portland Property Inspectors  provide an essential service and was far superior to the home  inspections we've had in the past "

Emily, SE Portland OR

Victor, Lake Oswego OR

Emily, SE Portland OR

Home Inspector, Radon Testing, SE Portland, Portland Property Inspectors, inspectorspdx, Pillar Post

"Ryan did an amazing job inspecting our older home. He took the time to walk through some of the quirks with me and I had a much better understanding of the property after this throughout inspection. He's a great communicator and I highly recommend working with him! 

Victor, Lake Oswego OR

Victor, Lake Oswego OR

Victor, Lake Oswego OR

Home Inspector, Radon Testing, Lake Oswego, Portland Property Inspectors, inspectorspdx, Pillar Post

 "I feel very fortunate my realtor found Ryan.  The whole experience was  positive.  I felt like Ryan was watching out for my best welfare and wanted to do what ever it took to make me happy.  This gentleman is outstanding in expertise, thorough, super responsive, & an excellent communicator, which is a very rare combination.  The comprehensive report[s] came quickly. He  called me timely and explained his findings in detail providing me all the phone time I needed to understand.  I emailed some follow-up questions I thought of afterward and he got back to me with answers almost immediately on a Saturday.   Bravo!"

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